Second Construction Safety Awards – CONSTRO 2014

The Second Construction Safety Awards have started with a bang. The number of construction companies participating in the competition has doubled to 12 as compared to the last time.
The first interaction meeting of the participants, Office Bearers of PCERF and Members of the Jury was held on Monday, 16th September 2013 at the Sharman Hall. Representatives of all the participants were present.
Mr. R. D. Nagarkar, briefed the participants about the activities of PCERF. Mr. M. F. Lokhandwala, explained the need for the awards and its overall methodology and schedule. Mr. Satish Nair then discussed the details of the assessment system and the importance of the various parameters used. Mr. R. D. Nagarkar then presented a paper on two major environmental issues that have been used for enhancing the assessment process, viz. Debris Management and Water Management.
The Jury for the awards consists of:
-              Mr. R. D. Nagarkar, Construction Expert
-              Col. A. K. Sehgal, Construction Safety Expert
-              Mr. Satish Nair, Safety Expert
-              Prof. M. F. Lokhandwala, Convener
The audit for the awards will be based on two visits. The first visit in October will be announced and the second visit in December/ January will be an unannounced visit by the Jury.
The audit is based on two aspects of safety:
1.            Systems and Documents
2.            Implementation of the safety measures on the site.
Systems and documents are to be assessed in the first visit, whereas the implementation is to be assessed in both the visits. The assessment takes care of Health and Hygiene, Safety in various aspects and Environment in its multiplicity, with a special stress on Debris and Water Management.
For audit and awards, the sites have been divided in 3 categories:
-              Residential Projects
-              Industrial and Commercial Projects
-              Infrastructure Projects
The awards will be announced at the time of Constro 2014, May the safest team win!

                                                         Prof. Mujtaba Lokhandwala, Convener, Construction Safety Committee

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