Seminar by PCERF’s Construction Safety Forum

The topic of the Seminar was “ How Did We Celebrate the Safety Week”.

Mr. R. D. Nagarkar, introduced PCERF to those present, which was followed by Mr. Satish Nair briefing

those present about the activities of the Forum.

Teams from B.G.Shirke, Millenium Engineers, Rohan Builders and IVRCL made presentations about their initiatives.

All the teams showcased their activities. The highlights were that Rohan Builders team had involved their top management in a big way. IVRCL had organized the activities area wise and everybody

had programs at the sites. Rohan Builders had also involved the children of workers, with a drawing competition.

IVRCL team highlighted their concept of “Returns on Prevention” and made a case of how the return on

the cost of the prevention was 2.1 times their investment. Others were intrigued by this concept and it was decided that Mr. Ankush Pathak of IVRCL would make a detailed presentation on the system of

“Returns on Prevention” and train the others in the near future.

Another aspect that was discussed was how Safety for the life cycle of a structure can be incorporated at the design stage itself.

Mr. Neelkanth Joshi made an announcement about the Safety Course that is being started by AASK. He explained the details about the course.

The Hon. Secretary of PCERF, Mr. Vishwas Lokare proposed the vote of thanks.