Light Scene Interactive

“Light Scene Interactive” which as it says is an concept where you create different Scenes i.e moods in a space, through light and its interaction with the space and  getting different emotional response from the occupants in the space for each of these moods created.

So the most important aspect of LSI i.e. Light Scene Interactive is the Scenes!
You must have been to drama theater,there if you notice the space i.e the stage is same but through lighting design and set accessories the director creates different locations , takes you to different period in time, different moods like Joy, Calmness, Sad , Mysterious etc which are as per the requirement of the story sequence, here the audience seeing these different moods reacts differently each time .

Similarly in architectural, interior space, Lighting Design helps to create different moods as per the physical and psychological requirement of the occupants at that time and each mood is classified as a Scene .

Now let us also see what Lighting Design is! As it's a crucial aspect in creating the scenes.

Lighting Design is where a plan for the construction of light effects with a PURPOSE to create the right mood and comfort in a given space.


makes us see but the emotional impact to be created in the space calls for Lighting Design.

Why create Light Scenes ?
We live in a constantly changing daylight environment around us with the daylight shaping our daily life cycle. This ambience has varying light direction, colour, brightness. Thus this change in daylight is constant and it knowing, unknowingly affects us i.e how we feel about our surrounding and react to it.

Same way when we are under artificial light we are doing different activities and these require different light ambience to enjoy it properly.

Purpose of Light Scenes ?
When you do Lighting Design for a space like say a Living room then there are various activities like dinning, TV viewing, Movie viewing, listening to music, an family get-together, Partying with close ones or just plain relaxation, happening over the period. Thus you see how each of these activities require a different lighting ambience to be created so we as humans connect to the space emotionally through the right mood and make the space lively.

Thus when you have such thoughtfully designed lighting for each of these activities, this each activity based lighting becomes a single Light Scene .Thus now you have as many as scenes as of the no of activities being carried in the space. Thus the human mind is Relaxed, Entertained, Stimulated as per the emotional requirement of the activity; for e.g when there is an children's party the mood should be of vibrancy, joyous as kids just love to dance and play music, similarly when ones listening to classical music the desired mood should be of calmness to enjoy the different notes.

When the designer has created X nos of scenes through lighting and freeze it on paper, how does an individual recall all these through an switchboard and recreate the same precisely as per each activity! Just impossible.

Here comes the aid of technology which is LSI control system.

LSI control system is an logic Integrating system which will freeze luminary channels in combinations for 4,8,12,16 channels and store it in a sequence such as 4, 8 ,12 scenes for a single space and this then is activated by various devices starting from your regular switches, Handheld remote via RF protocol, Regular Keypad, wired LCD KEYPAD, LCD KEYPAD on wireless WIFI network, Android phone.

These unique remote which not only offers an amazing long range from 10 to 25 meters but also it can surpass through the solid obstructions like walls, furniture  and it also does not require pointing direction towards the receiver due to it being operated on Radio Frequency.

Thus the ease of operation and the joy of getting your lighting scenes becomes a moment to cherish!

by-Abhijit S Salunke

Light & Visual Artist
Beuno lighting design

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