On the Eve of  CONSTRO 2014 – International Fair


PCERF has been in the forefront of leading the developments in the Construction Industry.  Constro has been its foremost activity in this regards. As an effort leading to Constro’14 in February 2014, a variety of activities are being conducted. These include a series of symposiums on various aspects of the construction, to highlight the trends of the future. Safety is one such effort and yearlong programmes are conducted by PCERF Construction Safety Forum for the awareness. To enhance Safety awareness and foster a much needed safety culture in the Indian Construction Sector PCERF-Constro’14 plans to have a further series of seminars and live demonstrations on Safety at the time of the exhibition and towards this objective is declaring a biannual ‘Construction Safety Award’.

We do appreciate few notable improvements in the past years but there is a need for all to team up and remain alert to the changing need and consider Safety in all aspects of projects. The Award provides a perfect avenue to engage different layers from this sector including contractors, site management and frontline workers in promoting safety and health. We are introducing the award with below mentioned categories and will add on more categories in the coming years.

A “Certificate of Appreciation” will be awarded to participants to encourage active participation.

Categories of Participation:

1.             Residential  or Commercial Construction Sites
2.             Industrial Construction Sites
3.             Infrastructural Sites

Eligibility criteria:

1.             The site is to be  located in Pune-District
2.             Any company or firm executing "building and other construction work" as defined under the  BOCW Act, 1996
3.             Any project / construction site registered as "establishment" under the BOCW (RECS) Act, 1996 or
4.             Any contractor licensed under the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act 1970, and employed 100 or more building workers and worked for at least 240 days during the Assessment Period.
5.             On occurrence of a serious or fatal accident after enrolment and before announcement of the result, the site will not be eligible for the competition and will be automatically disqualified.


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