200 tonnes, over 25,000 square meters, 200 people, in 48-hours

Fastest Constructed Building, INSTACON in India

A team of over 200 people worked round the clock as INSTACON, the much talked about building

constructed in Mohali, met its 48-hour deadline to enter into record books as the fastest completed

such building in India

The 200 tonne building, has an area of over 25,000 square meters is constructed by Synergy

Thrislington, a Mohali-based infrastructure company.

I C Syal, an ex-professor of Punjab Engineering College, has designed the building. It's a tube-in-tube

structure. The Building's deflection has been measured in case of strong winds and earthquakes, and

is claimed to be 49 mm as against 123 mm deflection allowed by the government for conventional

buildings.The building has been designed to withstand a high-risk Zone-V category earthquake

The construction technology, first of its kind in the country, is unique in many ways, including the cost

saving factor.

All the components of the building were manufactured in the factory, pre-fitted with floors and other

essentials including provisions for water supply, wiring, sanitation and air conditioning ducts.

The concrete has been used only in the foundations and three inch deck floorings in the nut and bolt

structure. The process to construct 'INSTACON' had started at 4.30 pm on Thursday and was completed

in record 48 hours.

It is an ultra fast construction technology with less than 20 per cent of work at the site. There is minimal

emission of flying dust and less pollution of water at site. The structure can have more floors added in

future and can be easily dismantled.

It is a "smart building" where quality of air that people breathe in will be more pure as the structure

detects if carbon dioxide levels are high and makes adjustments accordingly.

The building is also energy-efficient and it will consume less energy as compared to the conventional

buildings. The building also has in-built temperature control system

It's an example that when the cement costs have risen, unavailability of skilled labour is an issue, the

system offers and alternative which is highly economical one and which saves on time. It's a utility

concept, which can be useful for hotels, hospitals, retail malls and in the educational and commercial


The facade of the building is double skinned PUF panel that ensures thermal insulation.

This construction mechanism has been approved by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research,

Delhi and Structural Engineering Research Centre Chennai.