History of PCERF By Mr. V. V. Badwe

“I got involved in PCERF at the behest of Late.

Shri. Narayanrao Kanetkar and Ramkumar Rathi. Narayanrao was a thorough contractor and had the ability to build Institutions for the benefit of the fraternity. The synergy between him and Shri. Ramkumar Rathi

with his professional and business acumen led to setting up of PCERF in which I got involved.

“Education thro’ Exhibition” was the motto behind Constro exhibition. Intent was to create competent people with a professional approach. Dissemination of knowledge was the goal. My role was as a

professional and to provide technical support to the organization.

Constro was a pioneering effort and gave a boost not only construction related exhibitions but exhibitions as a concept in general in Pune. Constro is a people oriented exhibition. Constro helped PCERF in bringing

the entire fraternity and become an umbrella organization for the Construction fraternity of Pune brining about many people into its fold . Constro is an event well appreciated by people and by exhibitors who seek

exposure for their new products. The success of PCERF & Constro is due to the whole hearted & selfless participation of all organisers.

It was my idea to take Constro out of Pune to increase exposure of the exhibition. We had a successful exhibition at Pragati Madian, New Delhi. PCERF and Constro got a National level presence and We were

able to build up rapport with a lot of people in Delhi, an association which continues to benefit the organisation.

We have always received excellent support from the authorities.

We need to use latest trends in communication and media to publicise about Constro. Building up a data bank of manufacturers and their products, involving new people will take Constro further. Enthusiastic

new people with fresh ideas should be encouraged in the organization process with the Seniors providing valuable support and words of wisdom.

Marketing is the most important aspect of an exhibition. Various means and ideas have to be thought about to widen the scope of the exhibition and to ensure greater footfalls.

Having a temporary set up is a put off for foreign participants who expect to have a ready set to put up their exhibits. A permanent setup will go a long way in getting more and more participants. This aspect needs to

be pursued with the government. Constro should strive to get visitors beyond Pune & Maharashtra and also get new exhibitors on board .

The changing image of Pune as a business Centre and an economic hub will surely help Constro in the future.”

A Note By-
Mr. V. V. Badwe


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