Interview on Pune Metro

What is the Current Status of the Pune Metro Proposal?

Presently, the proposal for Pune Metro for the Corridor Vanaz to Ramwadi and Swargate to Nigdi is with the State Government awaiting Cabinet approval which should happen shortly. Earlier the Vanaz

Ramwadi route was approved by the State Government and the proposal forwarded to the Central Government. But the Central Government issued directions to make a joint proposal involving both the
corridors. Accordingly the proposal has now been put up. Also the estimated prices have been reviewed to January 2013 prices. The memorandum of association of the proposed SPV “ Pune Mahanagar Metro

Rail Corporation” has also been sent for Cabinet approval.

What is the path forward once the State Cabinet approves the proposal?

The proposal once approved at State level, will be forwarded to the Central Government where it will be directed to various ministries like Railways, Finance, Urban Development and Environment. On getting

their clearance, the proposal will go to the planning commission and then post Cabinet approval, it will be sent to the Public Investment board.

What kind of timelines one can consider for the future steps?

The Cabinet Clearance at State Government level should happen in about 3 weeks. Thereafter the proposal would move to the Central Government. If things move at a fairly good pace, the actual work

can commence post the next monsoon. What are the aspects the Pune Metro Cell working on in the meantime?

In the meantime, We are working on finalising the alignment, reviewing location of some Stations to improve connectivity and interchange of the two lines. We have identified, Kasarwadi, Shivajinagar,

Mandai, Deccan Gymkhana Bus stand, PMC Building and Swargate as major points of interchange.

Also We are relooking at the end points from point of view of expandability of the system. We are also in dialogue with the Railways and PMPML in order to have a seamless integration of all modes of


What do you think would be a long term impact of Metro on the Development of Pune City?

Once the entire system becomes operational, the distances would not matter and people can opt for jobs away from their place of stay. The Connectivity will result into a healthy, stress free and

comfortable commute. The Metro system will bring about more equalisation in property prices as it

woul improve the overall accessibility within the City. It will help rebuild the City by giving the necessary impetus. A lot of infrastructure strengthening would happen as a result of the FSI enhancement en

route. It has been found that the Noise levels too come down by 10 to 20 db once private vehicle usage comes down post Metro. Metro will also bring about “Social equivalence” as there is no class system

and all travellers are equals.

What are the various initiatives to make the Pune Metro an attractive and affordable proposition for the user?

Integration of all modes of public transport so that a single ticketing system will be used for accessing any public transport is being worked out. Utilising

funding from increased FSI along route can be used to cross subsidise the fares during the operational period. Assigning handling of the Parking areas created to the Public transport organisation will also

help in creating an integrated facility.

Top 10 in terms of annual passenger rides

1. Moscow 3.2 billion

2. Tokyo 2.7 billion

3. Seoul 1.6 billion

4. Mexico City 1.3 billion

5. New York City 1.3 billion

6. Paris 1.2 billion

7. Osaka 957 million

8. London 886 million (4.6 billion miles)

9. Hong Kong 798 million

10. St. Petersburg 784 million

Top 5 in terms of number of stations

1. New York 468

2. Paris 368

3. London 270

4. Tokyo 217

5. Moscow 140

Earliest lines

• 1863 London Underground

• 1896 Budapest, Glasgow

• 1897 Boston

• 1900 Paris Metro

Shashikant Limaye