Report on Second Constro Organising Committee

The second Constro Organising Committee Meeting was held on September 6th, 2013 at Hotel President, Pune.  The session began with Shri. Shrikant Nivasarkar, President PCERF, welcoming all present on the dais and in the audience for this special function based on the Pune Metro; and launch of the 3rd Constro newsletter. He mentioned that PCERF saw an alliance with the Metro project because of the theme of Constro2014 - these being the Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) and Pre-Engineered Construction(PEC) techniques.
Along with Shri. Bavadekar, Chairman-Constro 2014, he mentioned that the expo had a 43.7% booking done already.
Shri Sanjay Vaichal, gave a presentation on the various activities and media partners the team was working on.  This was followed by a presentation by Shri Naren Kothari on his China visit and the potential tie-ups there.
A short presentation on the upcoming China visit was made by Ibex Tours.
The Media Committee had put together an A/V film on PCERF and Constro that can be shown in other cities. The film gave an overview to the journey of Constro and highlighted the achievements over the years through interviews of renowned participants from India and abroad. It also showcased the themes of Constro2014 and shed light on how different and large the next event will be.
The film screening was followed by the launch of the 3rd Constro Newsletter of the year, which had a special focus on the Pune Metro. The guest of honour Shri S. D. Limaye was felicitated and asked to give his viewpoints.
Shri Limaye touched upon various points during his talk – right from how unbridled expansion of cities need good infrastructure schemes like the Metro to having a positive attitude towards such a project. He wondered why if other cities were constructing Metros, why not Pune? He emphasised that as Indians we need to be proud of our engineering achievements – an example being the Koyna Dam that has a tunnel below and the Bhadsa Dam that got built in 7 years, with a canal system. He also mentioned how the Bengaluru Metro is the world’s longest, and will cover 300-400 kms in the next few years.  Shri Limaye was in the staunch opinion that if one shows their mettle /performs well, then the funding will automatically come through; and especially from India. He categorically mentioned that India is in no way lacking in technology with respect to the world, and it is not always necessary to go by what the world has already done. Instead we can chart our own course. He concluded his talk by reiterating that the Metro will only boost business in the city, giving people the chance to choose jobs due to the ability to manage distances.
His extensive talk set forth a platform for discussions, which continued till later.
The vote of thanks and conclusion of the event was given by Shri Vishwas Lokare , Hon. Secretary , PCERF.
                                                                                                               Prepared by
                                                                                                             Darpana Athale

                                                                                                Convener, Media Committee