A large central open space admeasuring approximately 24 M X 100 M is available in the Constro 2014 exhibition for promotion and showcasing of the technology and end products of the exhibition Theme “ Pre-Engineered Construction Technology and Intelligent Electrical Solutions ”.
This central space is proposed to be utilised to create a “Pre-Fab Nagar” – a theme park that will display a variety of  pre-engineered factory manufactured products in a layout of SIX Sectors gradually leading from the heavy building components to lightweight structural systems:
Sector – 1            :  To display the products and potential of Pre-Cast Reinforced Concrete
Sector – 2            :  To display the technology and products in Lightweight Foam Concrete
Sector – 3            :  To showcase Construction technology in Steel by a Steel frame structure.
Sector – 4            :  To demonstrate pre-cast Ferrocrete products used in construction
Sector – 5            :  To illustrate Composite structures using pre-fabricated concrete & steel.
Sector – 6            :  To cover the large out-door Food Court & Cafeteria with a Space Frame.
The Pre-Cast Reinforced Concrete sector will demonstrate its potential with a structure erected in factory manufactured concrete components. This structure will be used for audio-visual displays of the technology and function as an information centre for visitors. Similar structures will be erected in the Light-weight concrete and Steel construction sectors to showcase the respective technologies and products. The end sector in the Central Theme Park will be covered with a Space Frame or Fabric Skin Structure stretched over lightweight steel to create an exilerating lively space below for the Food Court and out-door Cafeteria.
The Central Space will have an Amphitheatre for various public programmes during the exhibition, and a space for a Steel frame tower for demonstration of Safety in Construction.  Beyond these two areas, a meandering pathway will traverse through the six sectors from one end to the other, touching both wings of the main exhibition. This pathway will enable visitors to cross across from the covered exhibition halls to the open stalls through an interesting landscaped area. The pathway will also showcase a variety of pre-cast curb stones, Paving Blocks, pergolas, street furniture, arches, and miscellaneous pre-cast concrete and pre-fabricated steel products, and street lighting. Small landscaped triangles in each sector will provide space for vegetation, fountains and lighting towers for illumination of the Theme Park. Most of the illumination will be in LED and CFL products to be displayed by manufacturers in tune with the Theme of Intelligent Electrical solutions.
The 'Pre-Fab Nagar' Theme Park in the Constro-2014 exhibition is proposed to be created from voluntary contributions of pre-cast and pre-fabricated products from various manufacturers in the field primarily as a promotion of the products and demonstration of the technologies. The colourful illumination, banners, posters, streamers and the wide variety of products displayed will help to provide a festive ambiance and create a cheerful atmosphere in the exhibition.
Manufacturers of pre-cast and pre-fabricated products in concrete and steel are invited to contribute to the respective displays in the six sectors of the Theme Park, and avail of this opportunity to showcase their products in the Constro 2014 exhibition.
                                                                                Rajiv Raje, Architect and Convenor          
                                                                                                Theme Promotion and Demonstration – 9822677511