CONSTRO2014 Advisory and Organising Committee

Advisory Committee :

Shrikant Nivasarkar Chairman
Ramkumar Rathi Member
K.P. Baney Member
V.V. Badawe Member
R.R. Dhoot Member
V.S. Kulkarni Member
R.D. Nagarkar Member
J.P.Shroff Member
Naren Kothari Member
Suresh Athawale Member
Ajit Bhate Member
R.B. Suryavanshi Member
S.D. Limaye Member
Ranjeet More Member
Prashant Deshmukh Member

Sharad Bavadekar

Chairman Constro 2014

Organising Committee :

Ashok Beharay Convenor Sponsorship & Fund Raising Committee
R. Vasudevan Member Sponsorship & Fund Raising Committee
Vishwas Lokare Convenor Contract Committee
Ms.Mrinalini Sane Convenor Co-ordination of colleges
Vishnu Bheda Convenor Layout & Planning Committee
Subhodh Sapatnekar Member Layout & Planning Committee
Sachin Godbole Convenor Electrical Installation Committee
Bipin Sheth Convenor - National Marketing Committee (Electrical Material)
Jayaj Thakur Member Electrical Installation Committee
Ajay Satpute Member Electrical Installation Committee
Sameer Chitale Member Electrical Installation Committee
Kishor Oswal Member National Marketing (Electrical Material) Committee
Rajesh Sharma Member National Marketing (Electrical Material) Committee
Rajiv Tulpule Member National Marketing (Electrical Material) Committee
Sanjay Vaichal Convenor Marketing Committee National Marketing
Azam Shaikh Convenor International Marketing
Rajeev Joshi Member Marketing Committee
Mujtaba Lokhandwala Convenor Construction Safety Committee
Satish Nair Member Construction Safety Committee
Ms. Darpana Athale Convenor Media Group
Yatin Moghe Convenor Branding Committee
Shirish Kembhavi Convenor Newsletter Committee
Nanadkumar Jethani Convenor Electronic Media Committee
Ms. Kavita Murugkar Convenor Seminar Committee
Ms. Ashwini Pethe Convenor Volunteer Committee
Suhrid Kothari Member Volunteer Committee
Amarnath Chakradeo Convenor Renewable Energy Committee
Dilip Angal Convenor Co-ordination of Govt. Bodies
Rajiv Shah Convenor IIID Pavilion
Rajiv Raje Convenor Theme Promotion and Demonstration Committee
Satish Yambal Member Theme Promotion and Demonstration Committee
Rahul Rawat Member - Theme Promotion and Demonstration Committee
Sushrut Umarje Member Theme Promotion and Demonstration Committee
Neelkanth Joshi Convenor Ground Committee
Prakash Mate Member Ground Committee
Avinash Pundlik Member Ground Committee
Shivkumar Bhalla Member Ground Committee
Jay Pinjani Member Ground Committee
Manikram Halbe Member Ground Committee
Datta Ghule Member Ground Committee
Manoj Deshmukh Member Ground Committee
Chandrraa Ratalani Member Ground Committee
Mahesh Mirani Member Ground Committee
Bhushan Bhalerao Member Ground Committee
Vijaysingh Naruka Member Ground Committee
Siddharth Shah Member Ground Committee
Sanjay Apte Member Ground Committee
Milind Mahajan Member Ground Committee
Hemant Dhonde Member Ground Committee
Jaideep Raje Coordination with Associations
Niranjan Bhome Member Ground Committee
Ajay Gujar Member Ground Committee
D.S.Chaudhari Member Ground Committee
Ashok Atkekar Member Ground Committee
Ajit Yadav Member Ground Committee


  1. It might be a good idea to add Cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses of all the Committee members in the List above. It will help improve communications between Members and Public.

  2. I second your suggestion of adding the Cell Numbers + E-mail id for convenience of better communication between all concerned,

  3. These sound like some great people that could help improve many aspects of the construction site safety protocol.