Exhibitors Comments

‘ We are with Constro from last 7 years. We are from survey instrument field so we get good response.  It shows our presence in the market, and helps us reach important people under one roof.  Organisers should invite people from government  departments, as well as private sector. A guide map of location of various stalls can help the visitor. Constro is always excellent than other Exhibitions’
                                                                                                                     Amit Borde, 
                                                                                                      Branch Manager, Mumbai
                                                                                              South Precision Instrument Pvt.Ltd.

“ I got involved in PCERF at the behest of Late Shri.Narayanrao Kanetkar who was like a fatherly figure  for me. I had the privilege to serve the PCERF as its longest serving Secretary and as Constro Secretary for three Constro exhibitions since 2001.
 Constro has dealt with various themes like Traffic Management, Water Management etc and several diverse topics by way of seminars and lecture presentations to broaden the scope of the Exhibition.  

The Constro 2009 exhibition was held in difficult times of “Global Recession”  and  “Swine Flu”. Yet by tying up with Sakaal and MCCIA to share the cost of the facilities, we were not only able to hold the event successfully but also achieve some surplus. An Entrance Gate made in Bamboo , a model Energy Efficient House were highlights of the exhibition.  
The Constro as a brand is well established and has the potential to evolve further and faster. International tie ups can be explored to further this cause. Pune can become the ‘Exhibition Centre’ of the state and can be marketed as such. It will boost the economic activity in the City as a whole.  Constro should become more professional where the activity is directed and monitored by the Organisation and is executed by professionals. 

We should seek more involvement from the authorities.  Exposure of newer material and technologies to the decision makers in the government is as important as it is to the professionals. 
Involvement of the sister organisations needs to be enhanced.  We should  seek new inputs for enhancing the event.  The success of the event should be measured based on whether it leap frogged to a next level  rather than in monetary terms.

We should try to get the whole City involved in the event to increase its visibility and impact. A documentation of the exhibition and its organising process post the exhibition to record the positive and negative take away from the event should become a ritual to serve as a  learning for future.”
                                                                                                                                                  Mr. J P Shroff

“ I have been involved in PCERF and Constro Since 1994. I was privileged to be the Chairman for the Constro exhibition held in 2012. Going by the objective “ Education through exhibition” , we had series of seminars based on the theme topics throughout the year preceding the actual exhibition. 

We used the IT media, Newsletter etc to increase the outreach of the exhibition and the activities of PCERF. Early publicity, involvement of sister organisation all resulted into a lively event which benefitted the Industry at large. The Entrance Gate Competition, Road Shows were taken up involving the student community to further promote the exhibition and create a wave of sorts.

The strong foundation laid down by the Seniors enabled us to take a few steps more as the brand “Constro” is  now well established.  PCERF has always tried to promote  new ideas and concepts through the exhibition at times even subsidizing exhibition space for the upcoming and deserving people in the interest of the industry and the society.

Constro mainly has a Western Zone focus for their visitors and exhibitors. We have press conferences, on line registrations as initiatives to make professionals from all over visit the exhibition. The office staff at PCERF provide the backbone for the entire event. During the  organisation of last Constro, as many as 635 meetings were held at various levels with various groups and associations which led to a homogenous teamwork. Proper Homework, Proper Planning and Proper Briefing is the key for successful organisation of the event in which more than 100 professionals voluntarily dedicate their time.
There is always room for improvement. More publicity, media coverage, sponsorship , more 
“ professional”  management  are all issues that can be further worked upon and refined.  Publicity of New concepts, Live Demos should be taken up to demonstrate the application of the products and technologies. 

Although we have been able to have Chinese manufacturers exhibit their products at Constro, Pune has an issue by not having a Permanent Exhibition Centre with ready to move in facilities. The Government should take this up on priority. 

For me it has been a great learning experience interacting with the stalwarts and taking something positives from each one of them. I have always ended feeling stronger by facing the challenges that have come about in the process.”

                                                                                                              Mr. Narendra Kothari