A New Age Construction Innovation

Precast Building Technology has made great advents in recent times. Thanks to growing cost of money over time, shrinking time schedules and issues with getting capable manpower all have resulted in this segment getting a strong foothold in the construction industry. Speed, and the Quality, accuracy, and economy achieved using this technology has made it an “in thing” in the industry. Optimum use of material is possible due to the industrialised nature of process including pre stressing leading to judicious use of resources and also reducing wastage. The process is hence environmentally friendly as well. Pre engineered products offer neat appearance, better surface finish and are also more durable.
However doing a precast building is by no means an easy task. Every small detail related to the architectural vision and requirement of services needs to be carefully worked out prior to the manufacturing stage. A true teamwork of the Architect, Structural Consultant and manufacturer only can translate an idea into reality.
Several manufacturers working in the pre engineered building segment in steel as well as Concrete are striving hard to produce better products that catch the imagination of the professionals.
This newsletter  being published on the occasion of the seminar being held on the theme  topic “Pre Engineered Building Technologies” besides updating you on the happenings at PCERF and Constro, presents thoughts of leading professionals  engaged in this field.

                                                                                                                            Ar. Shirish Kembhavi



  1. I think precast concrete technology is so cool. The picture that is seen on this post is amazing. I really am amazed at what they can create and accomplish with concrete and a little imagination. It's incredible!

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