Ferrocement technology in Northern India


Pump House at RDSO, lucknow
RESQ Point for Shivgarh Resorts, Lucknow
10,000 litre water Tank at Aashiana, Lucknow  
Toilet for Tundla
Construction of Circular Museum at Khajuraho using Prefab FC folded plates  – 1984 
1,2 Two storey residence in a resort, Lucknow - Assembly of Semi large prefab FC components in full scale buildings for Resorts in and around Lucknow – 1995
Assembly of Semi large prefab FC components for water tanks for RDSO, Lucknow and  Industries of up to 70,000 litres capacity – 2004
Boundary wall 5' high at RDSO, Lucknow
Pump House, U P Jal Nigam, Hardoi
Gang Huts at Chunar for N Railway
Sheds at Azamgarh
A K Jain did his B. Tech and M. Tech from IIT Kanpur in 1969 and 1971 respectively. He is self employed since 1972 and has managed a Ferrocement Prefabrication Industry at Lucknow, U P. Presently he is a visiting faculty at MNNIT, Allahabad. His area of interest is prefabricated structures.
Sumit Kumar Agarwal is a leading employability skills trainer of the Country. He heads Tanjun Associate, a social enterprise solutions provider that specializes in Skill development space. Sumit has worked with reknowned names in the field of earthquake proof architecture, alternate and sustainable living and bamboo housing.He has assisted the Planning Commission in designing solutions for the Tsunami victims in the Andamans, IIA for Kutch Earthquake victims and the Concrete Institute India for Conservation of Concrete in Housing.


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