PEB – Pre Engineered Buildings (Theme 1)


Theoretically every Building or Structure is Pre- Engineered. What this means is the building is “designed” to make it structurally strong and withstand variety of external forces. However, in structural engineering, the word “ENGINEERED” carries a different meaning. It simply means a pre fabricated off site.
    A pre-engineered building (PEB) is designed by a structural engineer or PEB supplier or PEB manufacturer. It is fabricated using best suited inventory of raw materials available from all sources and manufacturing methods that can efficiently satisfy a wide range of structural and aesthetic design requirements.
    Pre- fabricated buildings are an innovative way of erecting cost- effective and durable structures within minimal time. Pre-engineered buildings are manufactured separately and are assembled together only at the site of construction. Therefore, a pre- fabricated metal building provides for an effective solution for carrying out the construction work even at the sites that pose spatial restraints.
    Pre engineered buildings depict the evolution in construction. This has been possible due to the ever increasing demand for new, innovative and faster ways of construction from the clients. Pre engineered metal buildings are the answer to modern day construction needs. Ever imagined how all the corporate buildings Fortune 500 companies and headquarters of other big corporate houses are constructed in no time and that too with innovative and stylish designs? This is all because most of them are Pre-engineered metal buildings. As the name suggests, these are pre designed, pre cut and pre finished, prior to the finalization of the construction site.
    Forget the traditional method of constructing building. Pre engineered buildings are known for their ease of construction and much more.
    High Lights:
1. Lighter in weight: An efficiently designed pre fabricated building is lighter than the usual building by 25-30%.
2. Less expensive: They are 50% less expensive than conventional buildings.
3. Environment friendly: Since steel is a recyclable there pre fabricated buildings are environment friendly.
4. Easy to maintain: Steel is very easy to maintain and is very durable when compared to traditional method of construction.
5. Save construction time: This method saves up to 30-35% of time because of fast delivery and quick site formation.
    PEB is not limited to structural designer or shop fabricators. Architects can play a vital role in it.  Benefit offered by pre engineered steel buildings is the fact that the shape and size of these buildings can be custom designed according to the needs of the clients. This is where the role of an architect becomes crucial in ensuring maximum efficiency in the building’s design and layout.
    We live in a world of neck cutting competition where time has the super most value and time simply means money. Consider pre engineered buildings for convenience and cost effectiveness.
    At the end of the day, PEB fulfills four important factors of Project Life Cycle
viz. Resources, Time, Cost and Quality.

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   Suresh S. Athavale



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